Hormonal Therapy Combined With Prostate Cancer Drug Provides Quicker Relief

Medical researchers have found prostate cancer drug that can cure the disease without undergoing surgery or chemotherapy. However, these drugs prove effective in combination with hormonal therapy and can easily restrict the progress of the disease. Different types of prescription medications have given positive results and restricted recurrence of the disease.

Prostate cancer drug has proven results of curing the disease in the advanced stage that is the metastatic stage, commonly known as the fourth stage of the disease. This latest method of curing the disease is a great relief for the patients, as they do not have to bear the pain and suffering of operation or chemotherapy.

Obviously, you will want to know about the working system of the medicine consumed orally in the form of pill or taken in the form of injection. The medication helps in controlling testosterone level that is it reduces the level of testosterone. This helps in controlling the growth and spread of the malignant tumor as testosterone helps in the growth of the tumor.

This hormonal manipulation process can also cure patients who are suffering from advanced stage of prostate cancer. There are other types of medications used for blocking the androgen and blocking the attachment of the testosterone with the prostate cells. This way the blockade does not allow the testosterone to reach the prostate, which in turn deprives the tumor from receiving the supply of testosterone and curbs its progress.

However, whatever type of treatment you adopt for curing prostate tumor you should maintain the regular schedule of prostate cancer tests so that you can check the progress of the recovery and take prompt action if there is any recurrence. There are many types of tests, which helps in checking the recovery progress after the completion of the treatment.

If you are fifty years or above, you should not neglect prostate cancer tests, as this is the stage when the chances of developing the problem is high. Moreover, testing will also bring forth any kind of other problem that may develop in your prostate. As in this age, there are chances of other types of problems developing in the prostate, which requires medical attention.

Many types of tests are there that a doctor uses, to test if a patient has prostate tumor or not. However, the main prostate cancer tests those doctors usually adopt for testing the prostate problems are urine test, PSA test, rectal examination done digitally, urine flow rate test, IPSS test, and biopsy. This helps them to derive the actual result and diagnose the real problem from which the patient is suffering.

Therefore, if doctors diagnose you with prostate cancer, you do not have to panic. Nor do you have to lose hope or fear about the sufferings of chemotherapy or surgery, as nowadays you can easily cure this slow progressing growth with the help of prostate cancer drug along with hormonal therapy and enjoy a long life.